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Breaking Down ACL Injuries

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The knee is one of the most complex joints in the human body and also one of the most vital for movement. The stresses of daily activities like walking, running, and bending, make it vulnerable. One of the most feared sports and work-related injuries is an ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) tear, which can be very debilitating and derail your life for several months. Dr. Donovan Johnson with CMC Orthopaedics is breaking down how these injuries occur and signs that you may have a torn ACL.

Blowing out your knee

The ACL is one of the largest ligaments in the knee and has an essential role in stabilizing the joint. “ It’s one of four fibers that hold your knee together,” says Dr. Johnson. “Your ACL is inside the knee and is the ligament that keeps the shin bone from shifting too far forward. If it tears, you’ll become unstable pretty quickly, and your knee may buckle or possibly give out entirely. Most people know when it happens.”

So how do you tear an ACL? The ligament can be injured if your knee joint is twisted, bent backward, or side to side. If any of these movements occur at the same time, you are at greater risk of tearing your ACL.

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